When Wisdom Cries

When Wisdom Cries
Proverbs 1:20-23

Wisdom is crying
On the streets of Baltimore.
Where that exhausting refrain of
might = power
fear = control
of hurt first, ask questions
plays out again and

It is the ancient human wound
as old as Cain and Abel
a wound we never seem to
but simply ignore until it is
ripped open
and fresh pain is felt.

And wisdom is crying

But other voices are crying, too.
We hear them first:
those crying,
and those crying,
We hear young people filled with an anger that
is not their own
but that has been handed down
with each job
with each purse held more
as they walk by
with each suspicious

We hear those who genuinely want to serve and
Who wear that badge as a
and who simply desire
risking their families and their
to bring it.

We hear those who are drunk on
unable to see clearly through that
who become the very thing they most

We hear the media —
the news, the tweets, the posts (like this) —
lining us up like obedient
into our proper places of
black or
patriot or
and we blindly play along
because we want to feel
even if it is only fear that keeps us
unable to move out of

And wisdom is crying

But we cannot hear her.
We are too distracted by this Cain and Abel
to hear a new
A voice of calm, of
taking the risks of reconciliation,
of looking more deeply at the
issues, but more importantly,
looking more deeply at
Because wisdom most cries out for

What would make us so fearful that we might
shoot first?
What would make us so angry that we might
throw rocks through windows and
steal something to quench that parching rage?
What within us needs to pause,
reflect, not
and listen for

She is crying
And we have forgotten how to listen.

18 thoughts on “When Wisdom Cries

  1. Wisdom is crying
    On the streets of Baltimore.
    Where that exhausting refrain of
    might = power
    fear = control
    of hurt first, ask questions
    plays out again and

    Wisdom is crying
    On the streets of CHARLESTON.
    Where that exhausting refrain of
    might = power
    fear = control
    of hurt first, ask questions
    plays out again and

  2. I bet that tomorrow the Supreme Court will issue its ruling on same-sex marriage. Additionally, I bet it affirms same-sex marriage by a 5 to 4 vote.

  3. From today’s “New York Times”: SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IS A RIGHT, THE SUPREME COURT RULES, 5-4

    In 2004, same-sex marriage did not occur in any area of the U.S. and today it is legal. Regardless of if a person agrees with the legality of same-sex marriage, the pace of change from prior to 2004 to today is stunning.

    Personally, I think it is kind of cool.

    Hope you are well.

  4. Public Service Announcement:

    While strolling through the HEB on Holleman recently, I noticed the following coffee in its own refrigerated case: Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. It is organic, made in Austin, sold in bottles, concentrated, and delicious. It is a bit expensive $9.99 for a 32 ounce bottle which has eight servings. I use it for the mornings in which I have to be out-the-door-in-a-hurry. Their Website is below, including where to buy:


  5. Hello everyone,

    Yesterday I used the phrase, “baddest thing ever”, to describe a video. You might not know that this phrase describes something good unless you are a middle school aged boy who is possibly a delinquent. 🙂 The video shows the resourcefulness of our canine friends. It is brief, about a minute long, and well worth watching. Here is the link again:


  6. I was looking at the BBC’s Website today and there was a feature in which the BBC asked readers to submit their favorite quotes from Charles Bukowski’s literary works. I have heard of him and read a bit about him. He lived a hard life. I don’t agree with the notion that only those who live hard lives produce great works.

    A reader gave a quote and after researching a bit I found the poem with the quote. The poem is titled, “Roll the Dice”. Here it is:

    1 if you’re going to try, go all the
    2 way.
    3 otherwise, don’t even start.

    4 if you’re going to try, go all the
    5 way.
    6 this could mean losing girlfriends,
    7 wives, relatives, jobs and
    8 maybe your mind.

    9 go all the way.
    10 it could mean not eating for 3 or
    11 4 days.
    12 it could mean freezing on a
    13 park bench.
    14 it could mean jail,
    15 it could mean derision,
    16 mockery,
    17 isolation.
    18 isolation is the gift,
    19 all the others are a test of your
    20 endurance, of
    21 how much you really want to
    22 do it.
    23 and you’ll do it
    24 despite rejection and the
    25 worst odds
    26 and it will be better than
    27 anything else
    28 you can imagine.

    29 if you’re going to try,

    30 go all the way.
    31 there is no other feeling like
    32 that.
    33 you will be alone with the
    34 gods
    35 and the nights will flame with
    36 fire.

    37 do it, do it, do it.
    38 do it.

    39 all the way
    40 all the way.

    41 you will ride life straight to
    42 perfect laughter, it’s
    43 the only good fight
    44 there is.

    Hoping you are well.

  7. I have something to share. This morning I left my apartment with a bag of trash to put in the apartment dumpster on the way to work. My downstairs neighbor, who has health problems, was sitting in front of her door. A bag of trash was by her door. I stopped and said, “trash?”, while pointing to her trash and she indicated yes. So I picked it up and took it to the dumpster with mine. That was the nicest connection I have had with anyone in a long time.

    Hoping you are well.

  8. I’m a bozo for not knowing this: as you age your options decrease. If you fuck-up your life your options decrease significantly more than if you had lived in a proper manner. Then, each day is filled with pretense and your life is a sham because you have a smile on your face if you can fucking manage it while you’re wondering why the fuck am I on this Earth.

  9. I just read that you’re married and beginning the doctoral program at Duke. Congratulations for both of these exciting changes in your life. This will be my last comment but I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.

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