life’s a hoot

1458651_10106080253485154_1038659626910995996_nA cozy Sunday morning with a warm fire inside and a loquacious owl outside.

Feeling deeply connected to God in worship.  This isn’t a given — and yesterday, with the lovely music washing over me, I felt completely at peace. What a gift.

A relaxing evening watching the Superbowl with Jen and Carlos.  I’m really not that into the game itself, but I’ll admit it was pretty exciting.  Homemade chili with jalapeño cornbread, on the other hand, I was very into.


One thought on “life’s a hoot

  1. Mmmmm, jalapeño cornbread sounds scrumptious. Is there a recipe to share? Beautiful, restful and fun imagery. Thanks, Whitney! And my local owls have been loquacious as well. Must be something in the air …or the moonlight.

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