the colorful life



Hola, chickadees.  I had quite the grand adventure after Christmas!  My boyfriend Carlos’ good friend was getting married in Puerto Rico (she and Carlos are both from there) and so off we jetted to San Juan for a few days of relaxation and wedding-related-festivities.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a more beautifully colorful place.  Naturally, I took, oh, a couple-hundred pictures, but I’ve tried my best to narrow those down to these (still plentiful) ones.  Enjoy your tour of San Juan, my friends.  It’s stunning.

IMG_7674IMG_7718 IMG_7527IMG_7814

Old San Juan has ancient cobblestoned streets, which range from deep blue to gray.


It’s a historic city (aren’t they all, actually?) and has wonderful fortresses to explore.  This was thought to be drawn by a prisoner in the cell of one fortress.  I’m going to go ahead and pretend it was Blackbeard.

IMG_7680 IMG_7681 IMG_7682

Them’s some thick walls, y’all.

Oh how I love old crumbly buildings!

IMG_7693 IMG_7695 IMG_7698 IMG_7710IMG_7592IMG_7461 IMG_7563IMG_7582IMG_7550IMG_7505   IMG_7561IMG_7558IMG_7557IMG_7574

It was slightly windy up there.



Onto other favorite things: turquoise everywhere!  (It’s my favorite color, and if you’ve ever been to my house, you’ll know that.)

IMG_7460IMG_7725 IMG_7450IMG_7511IMG_7451IMG_7796IMG_7731IMG_7724

There were lots of other colors, too.  Old San Juan looks like it was hit by a rainbow at some point.

IMG_7729  IMG_7734

The three wise men are very big there.  (Literally, and figuratively.)


All of our explorations made us thirsty.


Mojito time.  Then we walked around some more, and felt a little sleepy, so…



Coffee time.  Did I mention how delicious everything was there?


Here’s coffee another day, with mallorcas, phenomenal slightly-sweet bread filled with guava (though they can be filled with all sorts of things).  Oh, yum.  Yum yum yum.


More wandering, now…onto wildlife:


IMG_7625 IMG_7716IMG_7503

(This is honeysuckle — it has sweet sap in it you can drink.)

IMG_7607IMG_7761 IMG_7768

Oh, you know, just chilling at the Avatar tree.

IMG_7799 IMG_7463IMG_7771


There was a proliferation of pigeons.


And some baby dragons.


And many contented cats.  I started to think that San Juan was actually run by cats and pigeons who happened to tolerate humans.


Of course, I would find a Presbyterian Church.  They were serving the homeless one day we stopped by.  Go, you Puerto Rican Presbys!


We popped in a couple of Catholic churches too.  Just lovely.

IMG_7809 IMG_7810IMG_7821 IMG_7823   IMG_7448

The colors!

IMG_7458 IMG_7452


I love the decorative tile they use everywhere.



Now, onto the reason we came: the wedding!  I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was too busy celebrating and dancing and enjoying time with Carlos’ good friends from college, but I did snap a few.


Lovely spot, eh?

IMG_7477 IMG_7496 IMG_7499

Before we left, we enjoyed a bit more time contentedly ambling about Old San Juan, drinking more coffee, snapping more pictures and enjoying the island life.

IMG_7500 IMG_7502 IMG_7510 IMG_7509 IMG_7507IMG_7536      IMG_7631 IMG_7621 IMG_7634

Thanks for letting a bit of your color spill into my life, Puerto Rico.  I can’t wait to see you again (save a few mallorcas for me, please!).

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