(Advent)ures Day 8: When Angels Answer

Today, partly because I’m a wee bit worn out after a delightfully full Sunday, and partly because so much of my energy and spirit went into it this week, I invite you to read my sermon as our little daily devotional.  I’ve been preaching in character as the angel Gabriel, first speaking to Daniel, then we’ll move on to his message for Elizabeth and, finally, Mary.  You can read today’s offering on my pastor’s blog here:


Here’s a snippet:

“People often assume that we angels spend all day lollygagging on fluffy white clouds playing golden harps in heaven. Please! Don’t you know God is intimately connected with events on this earth? Don’t you know God sends us messengers right into those places of desolation and fear? We don’t have time to sit on clouds playing harps. Because we’ve heard people crying out…and we are answering.”


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