can’t stop smiling


A tree outside of my church smiling at me.

Catching a glimpse of an arm, decked out in a pearl-snap plaid shirt, casually dangling out of a truck window.  It reminded me of my granddaddy.

Running into a church member in Walmart.  It made that place almost bearable.  Almost.

3 thoughts on “can’t stop smiling

  1. “Almost” is the correct term. An appalling environment exacerbated by low wages and minimal benefits for employees. Rather than fighting for higher wages and benefits for all workers, we, “we” being all of us, we have settled for, “always low prices”, Wal-Mart’s slogan, and the corresponding lower standard of living.

    Hope you are well in every possible way.

  2. Oops again! The monster I was thinking of from “Monsters, Inc.” was Mike not Sulley. Sulley is the tall monster. Mike is the short monster with one eye. The tree reminds of Mike. Accuracy about friendly monsters is important.

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