fringe benefits


Being brave and getting straight-across bangs, which I’ve always wanted to try.  I never get the same haircut twice. 

Reminiscing about a lesson on the divine name of God (YHWH) from my Campus Minister in college, Kyle, as I sermonate about God revealing that name to Moses.  I’m so grateful for the ways United Campus Ministry at Texas A&M shaped me into who I am, and who I hope to be.

Waking up to doggie kisses and sunshine.

One thought on “fringe benefits

  1. Hello Reverend Whitney – the new ‘do is nice. A&M is how I know of you. I was in UCM as an undergraduate at A&M, graduating in 1990. I left Bryan/College Station for two years after graduating then returned to work in one of the campus Libraries. I attended First Presbyterian in Bryan and saw your name in “The Chimes”, specifically mentioning your work in Northern Ireland. Then, I think there was another mention of you attending seminary. I thought you are interesting so I “Googled” you and found this blog. You are interesting and I am glad to be able to read of the goings on in your life via this blog. I hope you are well.

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