enchilada-fueled explorations


Hello, chickadees.  My dear friend Catherine is visiting from Belfast for the week and I’ve had a grand ol’ time traipsing around this lovely state showing her all of my favorite places.  On the way home from the best little Mexican restaurant this side of Texas, we drove past this strange-looking structure on Poplar street in Aberdeen.  I immediately turned the car around to investigate further, and Catherine being the picture-taking-feind that I am, was eager to do the same.  I’m thinking these are ancient portals, or perhaps teleport devices.  We wandered between them and, while we weren’t taken to another time or place, we did discover random little dilapidated houses, charming in their dereliction.  

IMG_5844IMG_5853 IMG_5852 IMG_5851 IMG_5849
IMG_5847 IMG_5846What a delightful time exploring we had.  And what a delightful time I’m having with my wonderful old friend.  We’ve decided that we should meet up every couple of years somewhere in the world.  Perhaps I can use these stone teleports to get there. 

2 thoughts on “enchilada-fueled explorations

  1. Hello Reverend Whitney – I’m glad for you that your friend is visiting you. The pictures, as always, are beautiful. There is much to see there as your pictures have indicated since you began serving the church in Cameron. I hope you and your friend are well.

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