slow and steady

10557409_10204168825843930_1221677954948544431_nThis amazing picture taken by a lovely Belfast gardener I know, Unni.  It was a reminder first thing this morning to not miss the little things.  Hence this blog post!

Celebrating the life of Lauren Bacall by watching How to Marry a Millionaire.  I do not view it as a documentary, by the way.  Its wit and humor, combined with the force that is Lauren make for a wonderfully entertaining film.  

Deep, deep sleep awoken by golden sunlight on my face.

One thought on “slow and steady

  1. I haven’t seen any movies with Ms. Bacall. I really admire her as I have a subscription to “The New York Times” and she lived in New York for most of her life so there were stories in “The Times” about her generosity, her bearing, her dignity, her elegance, and her commitment to her liberal outlook.

    I am honored to have sent you the card. My sister and her family live in Charlotte and so if I visit her and you are still in Cameron then I will come to Cameron Presbyterian to hear you preach. I hope you are well in every way.

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