morning, cupcake


A few college students from my church wanting to come by and hang out before they head back to school.  That they did — the laughter made my stitches hurt, but was worth it — and they brought cupcakes!  Of the red velvet variety (my favorite).  I really do adore this little community.  We joked about “country” patterns of speech and at one point Karen said, “Oh, I said something really country yesterday.  Well, you see, I was helping my Daddy on the tractor…”  I quipped, “Oh yes, this is a country story already…” and we all laughed.  There really is a huge amount of love behind all those “y’alls.”

A spark of creative energy where something I’ve been needing to write for a while came all at once in a matter of minutes.  Writing is such a cathartic and centering experience for me.  I’m wondering if I should be thinking about writing a book.  A Hobbit’s Guide to Presbyterianism?  Chef Weeza’s Wonderful Culinary Creations?  The Spirituality of Coffee?

Waking up feeling completely rested, eight minutes before my alarm was to go off.

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