savoring, sojourn + spectacular

I got my oil changed today and in the waiting room there was a mom with her little girl, aged about 4 or so.  When their car was ready, the little girl seemed reluctant to leave.  The mom told her it was time to go and the little girl made a very determined face and then spun around on the stool she was sitting on, one last time.  After that, she hopped down and was ready to leave.  What wisdom kiddos teach in savoring the moment and seeking out joy.


The shrine at Bramasole in Cortona, Italy in my own picture and depicted in Under the Tuscan Sun.


Spaghetti with smoked salmon, avocado and tomatoes in a white wine sauce, my take on a dish I had in Florence.

A showy and spectacular full moon, and with it, a stirring breeze that whispered of changes to come.


Finding yet another 4-leaf clover in my yard.  I’ve lost count on how many I’ve found in the past few weeks.  Luck be a lil’ preacher lady!

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