luck be a lady

Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year: the bi-annual Cameron Antiques Fair.  I spent the majority of the day making hush puppies at a rapid-fire pace as we served up plate after plate of food for hungry antiquers.  (We have been talking about making “don’t rush the hush” t-shirts because they’re always in such great demand.)  After getting set up and before all the cooking began, I got the chance to snap a few quick pictures of the treasures.  If anyone has a spare bell gramophone gathering dust in your attic, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.  I’m selfless like that.


A couple of my dear friends, Beth and Jen, stopped by to see me and have lunch.  And a bit later, that delightful bloke of mine surprised me by coming, too.  We enjoyed a relaxing stroll through the stalls and I even found another copy of The Little Minister, a book I collect (if the reason’s not immediately obvious to you, get thee coffee, stat!).


Also, there’s something tremendously grace-full about my luck these days.  When living in Ireland, I always searched for 4-leaf clovers, with no luck.  Now, they’re suddenly everywhere.  I found 4 of them last week.  4!  And then yesterday, as we were walking around my yard, Jeremy bent down to pick a clover, and it just so happened to be a 4-leaf one.  I decided to pick a clover too and, you guessed it, 4-leaf.  I just hope I don’t wake up tomorrow with a red beard and funny hat (though a pot o’ gold would be just fine).


And a final musing for ya: this blog of mine, first on blogspot and now here, has been a spiritual practice of mine for over 7 years.  I preached a bit this morning about how meaningful it is to me, and you can find that on my Pastor’s Blog here.

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