a prayer for when creation groans

I felt the need to write a prayer this morning in the wake of so many destructive storms.  I will say, I’m no poet, and while I read a lot of poetry, don’t really know how versing things is “supposed” to happen, but this is how I felt I needed to write it.


Creator of All, when it all began, it did not
in heavenly splendor or spiritual glory.
You, Wild Spirit, came
over chaotic waters, speaking all that was into

It does not matter that this happened over millions of years in
a process of ever-evolving creation.
What matters is that it did
Over the tumult of chaotic
Because it did, we are
Because it did, you are

Over the chaos storms
Over the destructive forces of
water and wind.
Over the fearful nights and
the sorrowful mornings of
lives, families, hearts
needing to be re-created.

But the remarkable thing is not so much
that you are over such things
the remarkable thing is
that you are in them as well.

Not as a vengeful force

not as an impotent spectator

not as a bored deity wreaking havoc for sport,

but in the earth recovering.
In a neighbor helping a neighbor
in a stranger helping a stranger
in the reality that yes, storms will
but that yes also, they will

So come, over and within,
Hovering God
for the thunder rolls
and the waters rise
and the winds roar.
re-create once more
out of chaos



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