The Advent Journey: Day 1

Hello, chickadees!  Well, I’ve been across the world and back for a week to have my soul filled in lovely Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I have much to share about that experience, things I’m still processing and discerning.  But before that, I want to begin a little spiritual discipline for Advent on this here blog.  Each day of Advent, I’m going to post something edifying for me (and hopefully for you), that encourages us to embrace the expectant hope of this season (instead of being consumed by the busyness of it all).  It might be a scripture reading, poem, video or my own random musings.

For today, the first day of Advent, I share a video from Advent Conspiracy I’ve come to regard as a wonderful starting point for Advent, one that (in snazzy fonts and witty words) challenges the consumerism of this season to open us up to how we should really celebrate the coming of the Christ child.  So come along, join me on this Advent journey.  It’s a long journey to that stable in Bethlehem…let’s make it count.


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