another sort of home

Hello from across the pond!  I’m enjoying a spirituality week in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I am talking church and ministry with a pastor friend and also having my soul (and okay, body) fed in many ways.  Here’s just a snippet of my week.  Much more to come when I return!





second helpings

Very often, my days off are spent doing such thrilling activities as:

1. Catching up on my t.v. shows (okay, only Project Runway, really).

2. Doing laundry.

3. Baking cookies.

4. Thinking about cleaning and then taking a nap.

That being said, I made the most of my days off this week!  I spent Friday evening exploring the 8th wonder of the world (potential exaggeration, there) called Southern Season with my friend Barbara.  Such culinary variety was to be found — I even discovered hickory smoked salt.  We couldn’t resist staying for supper and I had the most delectable duck confit flatbread with sage pesto, smoked cheese and arugula.  Dessert was inevitable, and delicious as well: peach fritters with ice cream and salted caramel.  Somehow, the fact that they brought me FIVE fritters in their own little frying basket was the stuff of hilarity for us.  What can I say, we were in a foodie-induced hysteria.  Such delightful company and fare.

Today brought more culinary adventures: my friend Gina and I jaunted off to Raleigh so she could introduce me to her favorite Indian restaurant.  Let’s just say, we got along swimmingly.  The food was authentic and fragrant, and the atmosphere amusing with pictures (that looked ever so slightly photoshopped) to show the owner with everyone from Dan Quayle (?!) to Al Gore to Michael Jordan.  I am baffled that he did not ask to take a picture with either of us!

Tonight’s supper: a bowl of honey bunches of oats.  It’s back to normal, folks.

once more

I had a friend gently nudge me today, saying, “I miss your blog.”  I do, too.  So let’s get back to this regular gig, shall we?

Today’s glimpses of grace include…

An incredibly touching video being shared by a friend on Facebook, which reminds me of so many stories I’ve been privileged to witness.

The power and beauty of the movie Once.  Every now and then, I just need it.

Faces of people who have become woven into my days, bringing not just familiarity, but real community and joy.

P.S. I’ve been working on revamping our church website, and while it’s still a work in progress, it’s coming along!  You can take a sneak peek here:

a wee dander

C.S. Lewis once said that most of his important life decisions could be arrived at by taking a walk.  I love that I live in a place where walks are plentiful.  Yesterday after work, my dog and I went for a wee dander (Belfast speak for a little walk) in the fields and barns near my house.  Usually, I take pictures highlighting their colors, but for some reason the contrasting textures spoke to me, a contrast best captured in black and white.  



Can you spot the harvest moon?


This one just had to be in color.  Fall is beautiful here.