taking time to just be (and not just do)

Today has been a grace-full day, mostly because I showed myself the grace of recharging after a very busy weekend.  I slept in a bit, drank coffee, scrambled eggs, shallots and ham together and ate them on leftover pumpernickel bread from World Communion Sunday yesterday.  A delicious start to the day.  Then, I just took some time to listen to the rain, really.  To hear its rhythm on my metal roof and appreciate the rhythm of life that does not have to be go-go-go/do-do-do (this is starting to sound like a Beatles song!) all the time, but really should be about be-ing (be-be-be?).


Then I did some laundry, which my freshly bathed buddy helped me with.


After that, it was time to bake my favorite chocolate chip cookies, something I don’t think I’ve done in months.  They were as delicious as ever, plus the chocolate chips were fair-trade, which is always good.


My grace-filled day continued with curling up in my favorite spot and watching Inkheart, a cheesy fantasy movie about people who read stories and then they come to life.  It was pure, delightful escapism.

After a wee bit of work (in the form of a Building and Grounds Committee meeting), I came home and caught up with my dear friends Karen and Rob.  Now I sit sipping warm camomile tea sweetened with honey from a church member’s bees, listening to that rain continue its cadence and looking forward to a restful night.

Days like this are just delightful, and give me so much energy for those busy days.  Ah, Sabbath.  

2 thoughts on “taking time to just be (and not just do)

  1. I am also having a rest day. In busy times it is too easy to forget the importance of allowing the mind and body to recover. No cookies here though – yours look seriously scrummy 🙂

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