come to the table



Yesterday was the big day: our bi-annual street fair in Cameron.  Thousands of people came, and we fed lots of them with grilled chicken and barbecue plates, complete with hush puppies made by yours truly and some serious experts.  It was a beautiful morning, with time to stroll a bit and practice our ecumenism by purchasing ham biscuits from the Methodists.  Then, before we knew it, our stall was abuzz with activity.  Several of my good friends stopped by, which was a fun surprise.



Thanks to Ed for the great pictures!


Getting our hush puppies on.  We make them as fast as we can, and often have several folks wanting them at the same time.  We decided it might be fun to make “don’t rush the hush” t-shirts.


Mmm.  I managed to only eat two this time, as opposed to, oh a dozen or so last time I made them.  I am thinking jalapeno butter might be a capital idea.



Thanks for the picture, Cat!

After a fun and busy day, it was time to rest and get ready for World Communion Sunday today.  This might just be my favorite Sunday of the year.  We used prayers and songs from around the world, and celebrated the God who unites us.  On the table, I have chalices from South Africa, Northern Ireland, North Carolina and Texas.  If reading a sermon is ever something to strike your fancy, you can check those out here:  Then I enjoyed a lunch out and a stop at the grocery store (my favorite place to go).



I picked up these lovely autumn sunflowers to cheer up my small-town abode.  Now, it’s perhaps time for a much-needed nap.  Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, y’all.

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