swell season

How has it been so long since I’ve posted??  It wasn’t intentional, but I suppose the days have just been running together a bit.  Life in Camerontown is as delightful as ever: fall has come, and with it, evenings cool enough to burrow into my warmest comforter and days sunny and that perfect balance of not-too-cold/not-too-warm.  Church life continues to be energizing and challenging, and I still give God thanks every day for bringing me to this place.  The next couple of months bring exciting travels, with a conference at Montreat in a couple of weeks (at the height of all the beautiful mountain foliage, as luck would have it), Halloween with my family in Texas (I can’t wait to trick-or-treat with those nieces of mine, sip coffee with my Grandmother and my parents and wine with my Sista and bro-in-law!) and then a somewhat-improvised trip to Belfast in late November.  My trip to Israel was cancelled and so I needed to put together something continuing-education-y and talked to my friend Steve at Fitzroy Presbyterian and we decided to make our own study on nurturing our spirituality as spiritual leaders.  Add in his priest friend, a spiritual director and some wonderful books, and we’re all set for a refreshing and life-giving time.  Plus, I get to wander the stalls of St. George’s Market again, catch up with dear friends and preach in my old stomping ground.

This morning, as I sip my strong and slightly sweet tea, I’m looking forward to meeting some young adults who have been visiting the church for coffee in a bit.  I love getting to know people’s stories and what has brought them here.  This weekend brings the antique fair in Cameron, where thousands of people descend upon this charming community and we at church make grilled chicken plates.  It’s a great way to come together as a community (plus the money we make all goes to mission, which is always good).

So, all in all, as we enter into this favorite season of mine, I’m aware that this might just be my favorite season of my life so far.  God is good, all the time.  I hope that you and yours are happy and well.

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