let’s try that again

ImageThe air getting crisp and cool, making life just more enjoyable.  Curling up under a warm duvet as an autumn breeze drifts in, riding my bike to work with wind swirling around my face…this is my favorite time of year.

ImageAlong those lines…having a delicious pumpkin-flavored coffee drink to really ring in Fall.  I prefer local to Starbucks, and Paddy at my local place said, “let me make you something awesome.”  It was — spicy chai tea with pumpkin syrup and a shot of espresso.  Guess who was back the next day for another?  He looked up and I said, “Yep, I’m hooked.”  He grinned, rightly proud of his creation, and went to making me another.


I get daily Calvin and Hobbes comics on facebook, and this morning’s made me chuckle (as they always do).

At my clergy Cracker Barrel breakfast group, one of the pastors commented to her husband as they left, speaking about their busy day, “Just, call me, maybe.”  Naturally, we all started singing the song, right there in the middle of Cracker Barrel.  What a fun group.

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