two roads diverged in a wood…and i sat on a bench


Saturday’s weather was just spectacular, with that subtle hint of Fall in the air.  I decided a nice walk in a park with a picnic lunch was in order.  I gathered Hayden up and we went off to Reservoir Park, a lovely spot.  I find that taking pictures often opens my eyes to the beauty around me, so you get to come along for this little jaunt, too!  (By the way, because I was too lazy in order to preserve their natural beauty, none of these photos were edited.)



Hmm, I wonder what naturally-occuring substance grew on this tree trunk?

 ImageIMG_4241Sappy trees.  They sang, “my endless looooove” as we walked by.

A hint of Fall color.ImageImage

I adore the glossy needles of long leaf pines.  Many a delightful bluegrass song has been written about these Carolina trees.


This picture just stumped me.


How much further, lady?


ImageShadows and light.  Hayden likes how tall he looks in this picture.


I suppose it’s time to leaf for now, but we will definitely revisit this beautiful spot again.

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