what is never forgotten


The comfort and nostalgia of sleeping under the white embroidered cover that was on a bed at my grandparents’ ranch house.

Praying with a woman with severe dementia and ending the prayer by saying, “Hear us God, as we pray that prayer we remember when all others are forgotten, saying, Our Father…” and having her recite it completely from memory, with conviction and strength.  I was a bit teary by the end of that prayer.  What a powerful moment.

The way that having folks over for supper…

1.  Makes me experiment with cooking new yummy things (carne asada tacos).

2.  Makes me clean my house.  Let’s be honest, we only do a certain level of cleaning when company is coming.  It’s so relaxing to have a clean casa.

The kids across the street waiting for the school bus, whom I share a wave with every morning as I take Hayden outside.  This morning, I decided to say “Have a great day!”.  Unfortunately, it was the first I’d spoken to anyone, so it came out in a bit of a croaky shout.  Oh, well, they got the idea.

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