ImageWhen I discovered this delightful poem from Hafiz, I just had to pair it with a picture I took in lovely Castlerock, Northern Ireland.

let’s try that again

ImageThe air getting crisp and cool, making life just more enjoyable.  Curling up under a warm duvet as an autumn breeze drifts in, riding my bike to work with wind swirling around my face…this is my favorite time of year.

ImageAlong those lines…having a delicious pumpkin-flavored coffee drink to really ring in Fall.  I prefer local to Starbucks, and Paddy at my local place said, “let me make you something awesome.”  It was — spicy chai tea with pumpkin syrup and a shot of espresso.  Guess who was back the next day for another?  He looked up and I said, “Yep, I’m hooked.”  He grinned, rightly proud of his creation, and went to making me another.


I get daily Calvin and Hobbes comics on facebook, and this morning’s made me chuckle (as they always do).

At my clergy Cracker Barrel breakfast group, one of the pastors commented to her husband as they left, speaking about their busy day, “Just, call me, maybe.”  Naturally, we all started singing the song, right there in the middle of Cracker Barrel.  What a fun group.

two roads diverged in a wood…and i sat on a bench


Saturday’s weather was just spectacular, with that subtle hint of Fall in the air.  I decided a nice walk in a park with a picnic lunch was in order.  I gathered Hayden up and we went off to Reservoir Park, a lovely spot.  I find that taking pictures often opens my eyes to the beauty around me, so you get to come along for this little jaunt, too!  (By the way, because I was too lazy in order to preserve their natural beauty, none of these photos were edited.)



Hmm, I wonder what naturally-occuring substance grew on this tree trunk?

 ImageIMG_4241Sappy trees.  They sang, “my endless looooove” as we walked by.

A hint of Fall color.ImageImage

I adore the glossy needles of long leaf pines.  Many a delightful bluegrass song has been written about these Carolina trees.


This picture just stumped me.


How much further, lady?


ImageShadows and light.  Hayden likes how tall he looks in this picture.


I suppose it’s time to leaf for now, but we will definitely revisit this beautiful spot again.

linger here a moment


As you may know, since officiating a wedding for friends obsessed with Doctor Who, I’ve become something of a Whovian myself.  Yesterday, after work and before Zumba class, I watched an episode, not realizing it was a particularly heart-wrenching one.  But as I walked into my room, this cheery view from the window lifted my spirits a bit.

Sitting around a table with a few hilarious young adults from Cameron and sharing stories and laughs while eating pasta and garlic rolls (yum).   We had such a fun time that even after we finished eating, we lingered a bit longer.

A Fall full of exciting trips and great opportunities, including a conference on political peacemaking in the church at Montreat, trick-or-treating with my nieces in Texas, and exploring the holy sites of Israel (safely, of course).  Equally exciting to me is the joy of having a place as lovely as Cameron to call home.

what is never forgotten


The comfort and nostalgia of sleeping under the white embroidered cover that was on a bed at my grandparents’ ranch house.

Praying with a woman with severe dementia and ending the prayer by saying, “Hear us God, as we pray that prayer we remember when all others are forgotten, saying, Our Father…” and having her recite it completely from memory, with conviction and strength.  I was a bit teary by the end of that prayer.  What a powerful moment.

The way that having folks over for supper…

1.  Makes me experiment with cooking new yummy things (carne asada tacos).

2.  Makes me clean my house.  Let’s be honest, we only do a certain level of cleaning when company is coming.  It’s so relaxing to have a clean casa.

The kids across the street waiting for the school bus, whom I share a wave with every morning as I take Hayden outside.  This morning, I decided to say “Have a great day!”.  Unfortunately, it was the first I’d spoken to anyone, so it came out in a bit of a croaky shout.  Oh, well, they got the idea.

Don’t they go by in a blink


Celebrating 5 years of ordained ministry today. I toll my kindergarten class I wanted to be a missionary, and I suppose I always will. What a blessing this pastor life is. The outpouring of love today via facebook from friends around the world was so moving.