the best dreams are never forgotten


Fleecy clouds unlike any I’ve seen before.  I posted these pictures on facebook and was amused that several other folks in my area did the same thing at the same time.  Nature is a showstopper.

Driving with a church member with me to visit another member living in a retirement home and watching the history of Cameron come to life before my eyes.  She pointed out all sorts of memories as we drove along, like the bridge where, on a double-date as teenagers, the driver went too fast around a curve and crashed his new car (no one was hurt).  And the adorable little blue house I pass every day that she and her husband lived in for ten years.  And the old hotel where the gentlemen used to have a drink in the evenings.  What vivid memories for her.  It’s no wonder she loves this little town so much.

Having a dream so vivid and real, peppered with people I know and care about, that I woke up feeling I had really traveled quite far in my slumber last night.  I’m somehow more adventurous this morning.

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