July in a jiffy

Goodness, y’all, is July nearly over?  What a varied, busy month.

Let’s catch up on all of the grace-full moments, shall we?


I spent a relaxing, surprisingly cool evening watching the Durham Bulls (our minor league team) play with some pastor friends.  I love me some baseball.


The next day, we had our fun community event called “Welcome to God’s Neighborhood.”  We learned about the Good Samaritan story and enjoyed all sorts of activities.


We learned about our global neighbors by creating refugee camps.  Folks were very creative!Image

A local Gospel/bluegrass band called the Gospel Echoes played.ImageImageImageImageImage

The next week, it was off to Camp Monroe, our Presbytery camp, to be the camp pastor for the week.  I enjoyed worship with the children and youth twice a day, walking outside under trees and taking afternoon naps.  I also played guitar like I haven’t played guitar in years, leading music.  I need to keep it up.  Hayden enjoyed being the official Camp Dog for the week.


This describes well the joys of camp life.


Once we got home and all cleaned up, it was time to recharge a bit and then get ready for Sunday.


Sunday afternoon, I baked some chocolate chip cookies because, well, it was Sunday afternoon!  Other delightful moments of whimsy include…Image

Discovering that my light post (that has been less light and more post for several months) simply needed a new bulb.  Now it does its job brilliantly.ImageMy dear friend Ali, who has moved back to Michigan, came back with her parents to move the rest of the things.  So, we met up for Swank and a stop by the Sunrise (our two very favorite places).  It was good to see her again.  Such a great friend!

And, day after tomorrow (or as folks in Belfast would say, “in only two more sleeps”), I’m off to Tejas for my annual family reunion at Mo Ranch.  I can’t wait.

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