mary gets married

What a fabulous weekend I had in Indianapolis celebrating my dear friend Mary’s wedding.  She and I were in Belfast together several years ago.  I stayed in a place right out of The Shire (or a children’s book).  It was the most cozy inn, and like all hobbits, I stayed underground, in a basement room that was a lot more appealing than it sounds.



Stairway to heaven?


I told you it was cozy! Isn’t it charming?


After the rehearsal, dinner and some fun shenanigans, Saturday brought the big day!  There was a bit of rain, but thankfully it stopped in time for the lovely ceremony in the gardens of the Museum of Art.  But before that all began, there were several hours of fun and preparation all holed up in a hotel room.


Mary’s mother had the great wisdom to provide delicious trays of meats, cheeses, fruit and veggies for us to graze on all day.


Mary’s sisters did her hair.  Isn’t it amazing?


This is Mary’s niece, Ashlynn.  She was every bit as adorable as this picture evokes.


Before I did what I came there to do (officiate), I wore plenty of other hats, including makeup artist and hair stylist (well, just for the front, which was lots easier than that intricate coif!).


Then, with a few tears and kisses and lots of heartfelt words and prayers, they got hitched!  What a joy.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two people as in love as these two.


This is their amazing Doctor Who themed wedding cake.  If those words or that phone box mean nothing to you, look up that fabulous show.  I started watching it a week before the wedding, so as to relevant to these who were obsessed with it, and I am already hooked.


After all the revelry and a refreshing night’s rest in my hobbit hole, I went exploring a bit in the neighborhood around my inn.  Here’s what I discovered…


Das German Haus.


Vibrant fire hydrants.


Eloquent clouds.


And even more eloquent puddles.

935806_10103442030704754_1199368435_n 1012347_10103442030570024_843564827_n

Buildings being engulfed in ivy.


A perfect raindrop.

998666_10103442030195774_235461491_n 1005895_10103442029636894_1329309617_n

Bright, patriotic buildings.


Jack’s bean stalk.

1044832_10103442029332504_1802209248_n 1004760_10103442029142884_456718507_n 945667_10103442028963244_348332889_n

The entrance to the secret garden.


A chipper little bird hopping among the brick road (can you spot him?).

An old abandoned church being torn down.

And, as I wandered, I wound up right in front of Mary’s sister Caryl’s house, who was going to pick me up soon.  So I just knocked on the door and went in to hang out with those lovely people. Christian, her son, is showing me carrots from their garden.  Caryl and I proceeded to go to the most amazing Goodwill outlet ever, where I discovered a dress, skirt, top and vintage bag for a TOTAL of $3.50.  Wow.  Then we had divine pizza from a local joint and it was back to the airport after a full weekend.


A cup of tea, shortbread and Doctor Who was the fitting ending to all the fun.

4 thoughts on “mary gets married

  1. I could feel the love. The photos were fantastic. What a pretty place! You opened your eyes and love and beauty came through.

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