homemade happiness

ImageY’all, I think I need an Etsyvention.  Or an Etsorcism.  Okay, my made up words aren’t too clear…I’m a bit obsessed with Etsy (Etsessed?).  That craft market of whimsical wonder found on the world wide web.  My latest find: this amazing sticker for my kitchen.  They call it “wall art” in the form of a “vinyl wall decal,” but the little girl inside of me who used to delight in a new rainbow Lisa Frank sticker calls it a sticker, and it makes her very happy.  Oh dear, I’m inventing new words and speaking in the third person all in the same paragraph.  Worrying indeed.

A day full of many, many conversations with many needs within them, followed by a night where the only conversation is my dog snoring and the frogs singing outside, and the only need is another sip of heavenly lavender camomile tea sweetened with local honey.  Perfect.

The mystery woman at AT&T customer care who successfully performed an exorcism on my phone so I am receiving voicemails when they’re sent and not, oh, a day later.  I wonder if she performs Etsorcisms too?

One thought on “homemade happiness

  1. I love the halos over the canisters. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I attend Karen W-J’s church. Such fun seeing her through your eyes!

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