Praying for Oklahoma

A Prayer in a Time of Distress (from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance)

Almighty and everlasting God, You are strength to those who suffer and comfort to those who grieve. Let the prayers of your children who are in trouble rise to you.

Hear our prayer.

We claim your promises of wholeness as we pray for those who are ill or are suffering loss and long for your healing touch.

Hear our prayer.

Make the weak strong, the sick healthy, the broken whole, and confirm those who serve them as agents of your love.

Hear our prayer.

To everyone in distress, grant mercy, grant relief, grant refreshment.

Hear our prayer.

As we begin to rebuild, we commend our neighborhoods to your care. 
Give us strength of purpose and concern for others, that we may create a community where your will may be done.

Hear our prayer.

God of compassion, you watch our ways, 
And weave out of terrible happenings wonders of goodness and grace.

Hear our prayer.

Surround those who have been shaken by tragedy with a sense of your present love, 
And hold them in faith. 
Though they are lost in grief, may they find you and be comforted; 
Through Jesus Christ who was dead, but lives and rules this world with you.


2 thoughts on “Praying for Oklahoma

  1. Please pray for the residents of Granbury, Texas, a small town south of my hometown of Fort Worth. A tornado hit this community last Wednesday and six people were killed.

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