weekend edition

ImageThe sights (running children and dogs greeting each other), sounds (a long-haired, bearded bard singing a variety of songs including, oddly, “Waterfalls” by TLC) and tastes (the glorious raspberry-filled German doughnut pictured above) of Saturday morning at the farmer’s market in Southern Pines.


Wearing my favorite ruby slippers for Pentecost.


(Fun fact: the new background on my blog is actually a very close-up shot of the fabric of this loveseat.)

And then, after Sunday School, worship, a cookie reception to honor our high school graduates and lunch, kicking off those ruby heels to adopt my favorite Sunday afternoon position.

2 thoughts on “weekend edition

  1. Love those shoes! I wore my red scarf in honor of Pentecost Sunday. Katherine Gordon is graduating from high school and going to Georgia Tech. Hard to believe how quickly the last few years have gone by.

  2. Oh my goodness, Katherine graduated?! It was strange enough to see pictures of Will Pinson and Abigail in college. The years have absolutely flown! Yesterday I wore my red Guatemalan stole that you EPC folks gave me. Love it.

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