s’more love

ImageThe first taste of summertime: a gooey, chocolatey s’more.  A family from church invited me over for supper last night and it was a perfect North Carolina evening: grilled pork chops, sweet potatoes and black-eyed-peas, followed by corn hole (a challenging version of an outdoor bean bag toss) and bluegrass music.  And those heavenly s’mores.  A delightful evening.

Curling up on my loveseat (I’m tiny enough to do that, ha!) with a blanket, book and the dog and an open window bringing in a cool afternoon breeze.  You guessed it; I was asleep in mere seconds.

Confession time: I think I might have a touch of perfectionism in me, because I’m constantly worrying about what I could be doing better in ministry.  I’ve been praying quite a bit for vision and energy to follow it.  While serving communion yesterday, I looked out and watched these people I have grown to love partake of the bread and the cup, observing as their faces transformed while they ate, becoming somehow more relaxed and contemplative.  I felt such love for each face, and got the feeling God was saying, “That’s what I want you to do.  Love them.”  I still want to deepen our mission efforts, make better connections with our community and teach important theological concepts, but I’m reminded that what matters most is that I love.


One thought on “s’more love

  1. If you remember, my one request in the beginning was that you love us and want to be with us. Thanks for growing to love us. We certainly love you. Peace be with you, sweet lady!

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