friends, fairs & food

Well hello there.  I hope you’re having a delightful week.  We have a bit of catching up to do on this here blog…there’s been a lot going on!

First, I continued the splendid streak of driving to charming Carolina towns to meet up with old friends.  This time, I went to Winston-Salem to see Katy.Image

This is the force of nature that is Katy.  She’s such a delight to be around.  We met up at a dog-friendly bookstore/wine shop (otherwise known as heaven) and wandered around some of Winston-Salem.

ImageWe found some sidewalk chalk and, without a word, just both plopped down and began drawing, as you do.  I drew a very questionable looking Texas flag (because we’re both fortunate enough to be Texans).


Katy drew us and Hayden.  I do think it looks exactly like Hayden.

ImageYou know I’m a happy camper whenever I can find old painted walls, especially old advertisements.

ImageReally, I have no idea what’s going on here.  Sharing my oar modeling skills?  Who knows.  Whatever it was, I seemed to enjoy it.


Katy found a nice, if quiet, one-dimensional little friend.

ImageThe shops there were artistic and bohemian and, as you can see, colorful!


Katy had to answer an important phone call.


After a relaxing (slightly chilly) lunch and a good chat, it was back to Cameron for Hayden and me in time for the Cameron antique fair Saturday morning.  He slept well while I drove.  Don’t worry, I do my best not to sleep whilst driving.

On to that charming antique fair that brings my little town to life with hundreds of vendors and  shoppers…

ImageIt was a very early morning for me.  We served barbecue plates and parked cars at our church, the proceeds of which all go towards mission (yay!).  Here I am on my walk from my house wearing my scarf to keep the chilly morning air at bay and my cap to REPRESENT Cameron (as well as to meet health inspection requirements for folks serving food.)


ImageWhere the magic happens.  I must have said “Would you like bread or hushpuppies?” hundreds of times.  The lesson: always go for the fresh hushpuppies.  They’re the best.
ImageI wish I could’ve captures the hundreds and hundreds of people milling about.  It was an overcast, chilly day with light rain at times, but still we had a great turn out.

ImageAli stopped by for some barbecue and a browse.

ImageI love that I’m part of a community that does this sort of thing.

Since the antique fair, there was Sunday School on how Christians can still stick together when we disagree on moral issues, Sunday worship, meetings and the Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering service and installation of officers.  A busy few days.  Oh, I left out the most important part…


My neighbors (and church members) brought me homemade strawberry shortcake!  Such a thoughtful and delicious thing to do.

Hayden hasn’t been feeling very well the last few days, but thankfully he seems to have rallied a bit and is perking up.  One would think sleeping like this would give him a crick in his neck, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

So, friends, that is your chalk-drawing, oar-weilding, antique-fair-celebrating, strawberry-shortcake-devouring summary of the last several days.  Those are some fun hyphenates.


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