asheville adventures

Saturdays off are woefully predictable for me, y’all.  They generally involve: coffee, laundry, free cooking demo at a local restaurant (attending, not teaching ha!), laundry, t.v./reading, sermon editing.  It was high time for a change, and so Ali, Hayden and I hopped in my lil’ red bug at 7:30 a.m. last Saturday morning for a road trip to Asheville to meet up with Erin and enjoy a bit of hipster charm (no, that is not a contradiction in terms).  ImageHayden enjoyed the ride perched on Ali’s lap, and even plopped his little head on her hand.  Such a flirt.Image

Here is a random accidental picture.  I don’t know what it was, but I kind of like it.  (Note to self, one should not take pictures while driving!)


Here is a shot Ali got of the lovely mountains.  It was quite a drive (bit over 3.5 hours) but well worth it just for the sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  (And yes, I unfortunately did keep exclaiming, “Mountains, Gandalf!” the whole time.  I am too cool.)


We reached a very drippy Asheville and enjoyed wandering through shops and bookstores.

ImageThe first place we went in was Hayden’s favorite…a bakery just for dogs.  Amazing.  He got a little treat and I also bought him a fetching purple harness collar, so as not to choke that precious little neck every time he pulls towards, oh, the next tree.  I think he really likes it.
ImageDrip, drip, drip.

ImageAli and Erin with their umbrella chic-ness.  We had lunch at a wonderful restaurant with outdoor covered/heated (it was a bit chilly) seating where Hayden could sit and watch me devour some phenomenal eggs benedict.  Poor tortured pooch.  But all the attention he received from strangers made up for it.

ImageRandom, quite talented busker in the arcade.

ImageA courageous thought.Image

My purchase on our jaunt (other than Hayden’s collar and a not-to-be-disclosed-here gift for my Sista) was this amazing upcycled (old materials used in a new way) mail bag purse.  It’s as quirky as Asheville and smells a bit like a Mexican market, which I kind of like.

All in all, ’twas a swell trip to Asheville, and well worth the very sleepy state I found myself in at 6:30 Sunday morning when my alarm went off.  Perhaps breaking the Saturday routine isn’t such a bad idea.  Though necessity dictates that I do, somewhere, squeeze in time for laundry.


3 thoughts on “asheville adventures

  1. Wow, that quote by John Cagle is very cool. My Saturday routine is just about the same except editing sermons as I am not a minister. I wake up then drink coffee, start laundry, go to Starbuck’s for coffee to put in the ‘fridge for later consumption while washing laundry, listen to National Public Radio programs like “Car Talk”, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”, “Fresh Air”, then opera, the news, “Prairie Home Companion” and more on into the night while washing laundry. I have been having this feeling that I need to stop the routine as I am in a rut so after reading your post about your trip maybe it is time to break out and do something though laundry has to get done at some point as the weekdays are just too busy. Okay, I better stop as I have gone on too long. The redesign of your blog is nice and your posts as always, are nice. Please take care.

    • Hi Tod, I thought so, too! It was pouring down rain and I was sharing an umbrella with my friend and grabbed her wrist, saying, “Wait! Stop!” to get a picture. I love NPR programs too…Radio Lab might be my favorite. You should definitely break the routine — there’s always somewhere that needs explored. Have a good one.

  2. My favorite place to be is in the mountains! We go at least once a year for our vacation, usually Lake Lure, near Asheville. This year we are going to Sapphire Valley near Cashiers. Beautiful! It is just so breathtaking when you see the mountains after being away. God surely enjoyed himself when He made them.

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