capturing life

Morning, chickadees.  It’s Tuesday, and I’m enjoying a morning at home because I have a Session meeting tonight and am trying to figure out this clergy life/work balance thing.  A good pastor friend told me to split my day in thirds (morning, afternoon, evening) and that I’m only allowed to work two of those, so if I’m working evening, I take the morning or afternoon off.  It makes sense to me.  And it means that when I inevitably get those calls of urgent pastoral need, I have the energy and ability to be there for someone right then.

Anywhoo, morning off.  I thought I should catch up on ye olde blog.  I have to admit, I’ve been thinking about my glimpses of grace blog quite a bit lately.  I’m in my eighth year of recording moments of grace in my days (wowza) and asked myself, “Why am I still doing this?”  It’s a helpful question to ask at any point I suppose.  I decided that I record these moments to capture life in the way that my sister does with her photography, to mark my days and be able to look back with gratitude and wonder for the ways God pops up in unexpected and ordinary ways.  And so I want to keep recording those moments here.  But I don’t want it to become a chore or an obligation…that zaps the grace right out of it.  So, I may not post on a daily basis (which I haven’t done in a while anyway), but whenever there’s something I want ingrained into the memory of my soul, or simply something I want to share with you lovely people, it’ll be here.  So, thanks for being a part of this journey.

Last week was one of those weeks where you have no idea how you’re finding energy to keep doing all there is to do.  I was exhausted: emotionally, spiritually, physically.  I was gratified by what I do, but just plum worn out.  My good friend from seminary Erin came to visit for the weekend.  And there really is nothing like showing someone else your life to make you appreciate it.  It was a wonderful recharging, cupcake-gorging, storytelling, wandering weekend.  Let me share some of it with y’all…


We found a delightful cucakery (isn’t that just the best word??) in Southern Pines, one that catered to Erin’s gluten-free needs.  This is the glory of a nutella cupcake.  There are no words…except maybe YUM.  We wandered around (on a sugar high) and shopped and explored Southern Pines.  Erin loves that wee charming area as much as I do.Image

When we came home that evening, we had Big Plans to make some amazing risotto for dinner.  But nature had different plans.  We had a tornado watch, the power went out and so we ended up having a “tornado party” in the bathroom (where there were no windows) for an hour.  Then, tornado hazard over, we ventured to a place with electricity for dinner: Valentis.  They also happened to have gluten-free pizza, which was perfect.  We ran into a couple of church members there who had the same idea, which was fun.


After going to bed at a disgraceful 9:30 p.m. because the lights were out, we got up to electricity!  We went back to Southern Pines and enjoyed coffee from Swank and the local Farmer’s Market, where some friends of mine were playing in their bluegrass band.  Hayden came, which meant that he was adored (and petted) by hordes of runny-nosed, delighted children.  He loved it.  We then had lunch at a new crepe place (you guessed it — they had gluten-free crepe batter!) and Erin succumbed to the call of an adorable pair of grey Toms.  Our stomachs acted of their own accord and led us to that same cupcakery and we got a couple to-go for tea time.  At home, we did the Alice in Wonderland thing.  And the cupcakes were, if possible, even better.


Ali came that afternoon and we wandered through the painted barns of Cameron.  I love them.  We all took a bunch of pictures.


(Fear not, I did not let Hayden go in any further!)ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Then. having repurchased risotto necessities after some were spoiled in the fridge by no electricity, we made that Glorious Risotto: roasted chicken, sweet potato and asparagus risotto, scented with thyme and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts.  Oh, y’all.  Again there are no words.Image

Saturday night we went to hear my same bluegrass friends play again at the Wine Cellar in Southern Pines.  Here’s my artsy picture of them.  I love that wine shop.  Very cozy and amusing, plus one who needs to preach the next morning can order a half glass of wine.  Perfect.  Erin came to church the next day and was quickly co-opted into the choir, which was so much fun.  After burgers with church members, she headed off back to Tennessee.  But we have plans to meet up in Asheville next Saturday for the day, which is about 3.5 hours for me and 1.5 for her.  Ali and I (with Hayden of course) will hit the road early and enjoy that quirky city.Image

Sunday afternoon, Hayden and I adopted the exact same position!  What a fun weekend.


Since then, I’ve been nurturing my creativity a bit.  My friend Gina at the Sanford Herald had my picture taken doing yoga in the woods last week for the cover of their Health and Wellness issue.  Very fun.


And last night, I finished my reworking my Nana and Papaw’s old record table.  (I should tell you that I was in fact working on it by candlelight the night of the power outage and was horrified to see how bad it looked in daylight the next morning!  I started over, and “love” it now.)

Happy Tuesday, y’all.



5 thoughts on “capturing life

  1. Just to let you know, from a longtime follower from England, that I always appreciate your posts but understand that you are busy. Just post when you feel the Spirit moves you. That will be just fine.

  2. Hi Andy, glad you’ve come along for the journey. I just had a delightful cuppa tea, courtesy of friends in Belfast who ship it to me. Yum. Have a great one.

    • Yes! Many of us were extras in the congregation that night for the baptismal scenes. It will be interesting and fun to see that on the big screen. 🙂 And it was great fun to see Robin Williams sitting across the aisle. He was very sweet with the children and at one point was showing a young actor the Mork hand signal.

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