three act play


This lil’ Rev had quite a full vacation, y’all.  We can split that time into three acts: I. Nieces are Nice.  II. Relaxing in Vtown.  III. Atlanta Extravaganza.  Let’s begin, shall we?

I. Nieces are Nice




I had so much fun with my precious nieces and with my sister and bro-in-law.  It’s wonderful to feel so completely relaxed and welcomed.  I kept the girls home from school for two whole days just to play.  We cuddled in bed watching movies…



Colored beautiful masterpieces…Image

(Gigi also excitedly colored her nails…)


We played an EPIC game of Hide and Seek, and though the girls hid in the same place every single time, they loved it.ImageImage

Livie-Love loved looking adorable on the floor


We got our hair did purty.ImageImageImageImageWe played, played, played on the playground right by their house.  I invented a game where the swing set area was a big boat, the grass was water and sticks were magic wands to keep the octopus away.  So they basically ran around screaming bringing me “wands” and laughing.  Olivia placidly watched it all from the comfort of her swing.

We had an early 5th birthday party for Natalie complete with cookies shaped in the letters of our names (N for Nat, G for Gigi, W for Weeza and O for Olivia).

ImageThere were also amazing princess rings and presents (and, yes, more coloring).  It was fabulous.


(Weeza also drank a serious amount of coffee to keep up with those energetic gals!)  Now we move onto Act 2:

II.  Relaxing in Vtown


ImageVictoria was relaxing as ever.  We watched Out of Africa and enjoyed a bit of time in the back yard.ImageI love this license plate!

Image(Oh and I drank more coffee.)

ImageGrandmother came and we had a wonderful time cooking Mexican food (and of course eating it).  I also updated the pig in my parents’ kitchen with some helpful wisdom from Julia.


My dear friend Ashley and I met up to do what we do best: shop at Goodwill.  It’s possible I’m wearing the top I found there for $2 as I type. 🙂  Onto Act 3…

III.  Atlanta Extravaganza


My friend Melissa got married Saturday!  So after getting back Friday night on a large (expensive) flying bird, I got up bright and early the next morning and drove with my friend Mary to the ATL for the festivities.  Mary, Melissa and I were all Young Adult Volunteers in Belfast.  The wedding was beautiful: quirky enough to know it was Melissa’s and romantic enough to know that what Melissa and Scott have is real.  We ate smores cupcakes and tapas, drank wine outside while listening to a couple of her friends jam on the guitar and accordion and generally had a wonderful time.  ImageI found time to meet another wonderful friend, Maggie, for coffee at the Java Monkey, an old haunt of mine.  Man that was a good cappuccino!  And, as always, a deep, sensitive and cathartic conversation.  Love that gal.Image

Mary and I stayed at Columbia Seminary’s campus, in their guestrooms.  And so as wonderfully full-circle as it was to gather with my old Belfast peeps, it was the same to be at Columbia nearly 5 years after graduating.  Some things are quite a bit different, but many of my favorite trees are still there, so I’m happy.

Before hopping in my red bug for the 6.5 hour journey back to North Carolina, the gracious Melissa and Scott invited us to meet them for brunch.  This is smokey salmon eggs benedict.  Oh, y’all, there are no words.  Except maybe stupendous.


Back home again, I eased into the week by getting bulletin stuff all sorted out and enjoying time with my poor abandoned dog.  I also gave my house a spring cleaning like no other.  A great feeling.Image

And, just as I was enjoying the warm spring weather and cherry blossom trees, I bent down to pick a few clovers to put on my bedside table.  Right in front of me was a four-leaf one.  I have looked for one of these guys in Ireland lots and never found it.  I guess there’s just luck in North Carolina.  It’s good to be home.

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