it is finished


Hayden is really excited that it’s Easter!

Happy Easter!  I thought I’d share the prayer I wrote for our Community Easter Sunrise Service.  This was the opening prayer.

It is Finished

Lord Jesus,

when you had endured the depths of human and divine suffering on a cross, you cried out with three words: “It is finished.”

And yet, you weren’t finished, were you Christ?  For you rose again three days later, appearing first to the women and then to the world and suddenly IT WAS FINISHED: all that separates us from our Creator and one another: fear, sin, hatred, racism, doubt, regret, death…they were finished once and for all.  So, we praise you, Lord, for doing for us what we could not do for ourselves: for bringing resurrection to us, not just for the life to come, but here, now in our midst, in this life.  We praise you for finishing what you began, God who keeps promises.  We offer you this time of worship, praying that it would glorify your risen presence in our midst, as we ourselves are raised up with you.  We pray in the living, breathing, name of Jesus, amen.

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