ordinarily holy



The energy and joy of our Living Last Supper, a re-enactment of that meal Jesus had with his disciples where twelve of us became those disciples (costumes and all – I was James the Lesser) and then told our story while a brass quintet played and our wonderful sanctuary choir sang.  It was very powerful, especially when I served communion to all who came, and you could see on their faces how the last supper had come alive for them.

20130326-073323.jpgWearing a spring shirt (even though it’s freezing outside) that my dear friend Jessi gave me many years ago.  I felt a bit closer to that delightful gal.

Holy Week beginning.  Here’s what I wrote on my facebook page yesterday: 

Holy Week is upon us. Actually, I don’t know why we call it “holy” week (and give no other week that designation). This is the week when heaven and earth were brought together through the selfless love of feeding friends and enemies, the solidarity and sacrifice of a cross and the death-defeating power of an empty tomb. This is the week that made all others “holy.”


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