it is finished


Hayden is really excited that it’s Easter!

Happy Easter!  I thought I’d share the prayer I wrote for our Community Easter Sunrise Service.  This was the opening prayer.

It is Finished

Lord Jesus,

when you had endured the depths of human and divine suffering on a cross, you cried out with three words: “It is finished.”

And yet, you weren’t finished, were you Christ?  For you rose again three days later, appearing first to the women and then to the world and suddenly IT WAS FINISHED: all that separates us from our Creator and one another: fear, sin, hatred, racism, doubt, regret, death…they were finished once and for all.  So, we praise you, Lord, for doing for us what we could not do for ourselves: for bringing resurrection to us, not just for the life to come, but here, now in our midst, in this life.  We praise you for finishing what you began, God who keeps promises.  We offer you this time of worship, praying that it would glorify your risen presence in our midst, as we ourselves are raised up with you.  We pray in the living, breathing, name of Jesus, amen.

ordinarily holy



The energy and joy of our Living Last Supper, a re-enactment of that meal Jesus had with his disciples where twelve of us became those disciples (costumes and all – I was James the Lesser) and then told our story while a brass quintet played and our wonderful sanctuary choir sang.  It was very powerful, especially when I served communion to all who came, and you could see on their faces how the last supper had come alive for them.

20130326-073323.jpgWearing a spring shirt (even though it’s freezing outside) that my dear friend Jessi gave me many years ago.  I felt a bit closer to that delightful gal.

Holy Week beginning.  Here’s what I wrote on my facebook page yesterday: 

Holy Week is upon us. Actually, I don’t know why we call it “holy” week (and give no other week that designation). This is the week when heaven and earth were brought together through the selfless love of feeding friends and enemies, the solidarity and sacrifice of a cross and the death-defeating power of an empty tomb. This is the week that made all others “holy.”


delicious days


Going out for a fancy dinner with a couple of friends to celebrate Ali’s birthday.  I am so grateful for the way God always brings new friends into my life wherever I happen to be.  

My sweet Hayden who was feeling rough yesterday woke up this morning and his friskiness and energy immediately showed how much better he was feeling.

While I am very eager for Spring to go ahead and appear, I do enjoy getting to wear my favorite scarves a bit longer than usual.

sit and bloom a spell


The Bradford pear trees bursting into fluffy white blooms.  Such showoffs, aren’t they?

The quirks and stories discovered in getting to know new people.  I find people endlessly fascinating.

Walking the dog in the late afternoon to enjoy the warm air and stopping to sit on some church members’ porch and talk town history and Irish travels.  I think some of the best conversations ever had have occurred on front porches in small towns.

mermaids & golden moments

ImageA refreshing taste of spring, enjoyed outside with friends.  Today it is rainy and around 40 degrees, so I’m even more grateful for that beautiful Saturday.

A little girl in a coffee shop who told me, with that delightful self-assurance of a 5-year-old, that she could run into the waves at the beach and not get scared.  I told her that she must be a mermaid and she smiled and said, “Yes, I AM a mermaid.”

Noticing that my guitar lessons are starting to make a difference…I can reach further than I could before without as much effort.

tree pose

Waking up to a rainy, warmer morning that prompted me to have a wee cuppa Irish tea and eggs on toast for breakfast.  (That was a typical way I broke my fast in Belfast.)

Feeling tension leave my body as I stretched and balanced in yoga class.  No wonder cats are so lackadaisical.


Sitting in the front yard of the church, back against an old tree, Bible nearby and book on my lap, doing a bit of sermon/Sunday School prep.  Being near trees always makes me feel more grounded.

light moments


{Finally} enjoying a warm, sunny evening.  I did not appreciate daylight savings time at 6 am (felt like 5 am) Sunday morning, but when I carried my great-grandfather’s old wicker rocker out in the yard, it was bliss.  I could have, of course, just put a simple chair out there, but this one was so much more comfortable.  Sitting there with the sun on my face and a good book and precious dog on my lap was wonderful.


Afternoon tea time made complete with mini pecan pies I bought at a community breakfast bake sale.


Hanging out with my friend Ali and a very fashionable Hayden.

what’s next?

I recently had the pleasure of a Presbyterian family reunion in Charlotte…at the NEXT conference.  I enjoyed time with old seminary friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in nearly 5 years.  5 years!  Needless to say, the reunion was long overdue.  It was refreshing to be in the big city for a bit (though I was happy to hear the frogs in the pond in my back yard welcoming me home again).  ImageImageImage

My friends and I enjoyed watching from the “cheap seats” in the balcony, where we could stretch out our legs and possibly smuggle in coffee.  It also was helpful to those of us gifted with greater proximity to the ground, as we didn’t have to crane our necks those who aren’t as blessed.




We used these fabric strips in worship several times in all different creative ways.  I left with some great ideas.  Image

Precious Gracie, Karen and Rob’s rapidly growing little girl, with her own ribbon.Image

The weather was wintery, but spring was doing its best to creep in.ImageWhat a peaceful couple of days.  I’m not sure I know the answer to the question of what’s “next” for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), but whatever it is, it is decidedly hopeful.