pancake banter

ImageToasting a leftover pancake to have with my afternoon tea.  In Belfast, you could buy pancakes in the store and folks would toast them and eat with jam and butter for breakfast or a snack.

The man who works at the gas station in town inquiring after me, my congregation and my “little dog.”  You have to love small towns.

A stirring and enjoyable conversation about atonement, Bonhoeffer and Barth at my clergy breakfast group.  Hilarious banter was also shared, with a few of us keeping score each time Sandy made a great joke.

2 thoughts on “pancake banter

  1. Were the pancakes for Shrove Tuesday? I meant to make pancakes, but never found the time, darn it. 🙂 Maybe this weekend. I love the idea of reheating one for a snack.

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