sometimes all it takes is a day away


The relaxation of a couple of days away at our Presbytery Revitalization Retreat at Camp Monroe.  It was full of creative and inspired approaches to making congregations places of greater welcome and spiritual growth.  But, these sorts of gatherings are the most fun because of the people you connect with.  There were wonderful conversations by a roaring fire, moments of musical spontaneity as we played guitar and mandolin, and time to just sit, listen and learn.  I do feel I have officially embraced a very particular Presbyterian pastor stereotype: I brought my own pottery mug to drink coffee from while I was there.  This seems to be something of a calling card for us caffeine-loving revs.

20130210-164818.jpgSally and Bill enjoying the fire.  Bill is part of the weekly Cracker Barrel breakfast meeting of clergy I attend, and has perhaps one of the most genuine and carefree laughs ever.  His wife Sally was a delight to spend time with.


Laura is on our Presbytery staff as the Mission Coordinator for my region of the large Presbytery, and her office is located in our church.  And that’s Pastor Joe looking at the camera.  We swapped cheesy jokes the whole time.

20130211-093057.jpgMy plaid shirt and hand are reflected in this picture, but I wanted a shot of the lovely view I looked at during the conference.  I joked (sort of) on facebook that all I required of the conference was trees and coffee.  I received a good deal more than that, but the trees and coffee were certainly a highlight.

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