lofty words & adorable wiggles

20130205-082556.jpgPreaching on love from 1 Corinthians 13 and having a sweet older gent in the congregation give me his copy of “The Progressive Farmer” that has a full Valentine’s-worthy page of quotes about love. I adore the one by William Carlos Williams.

The mention of “transubstantiation” in Downton Abbey. It’s the little {nerdy theological} things that bring laughter and make your day.

Watching my youngest niece Olivia “be cute” over and over again.

A little weighty box waiting for me in the mailbox that turned out to be “Papa’s syrup” from my parents. I believe my great-grandfather, Papa, started the tradition of eating the thick, pure cane syrup on pancakes. I was raised on the stuff and love it. No Log Cabin here.

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