just hanging out


While walking in the woods, my friend Gillian in Belfast discovered a guitar hanging off a tree, for no apparent reason.  How whimsical.  I think it came to visit its {less musical} cousins.

A night of storms and tornado watches that gave way to a clear, cool morning.

The perfect cup of afternoon tea (also from Belfast).

easing in

Doing some yoga and ballet in front of the fireplace on a chilly night and, as I’m stretching, having my little dog come lick my nose.

Having my car headlight worked on, which meant working from a nearby coffee shop.  The coffee and bagel were delicious, the conversation was engaging and I got an awful lot of work done.  It was a delightful way to ease into a Monday.

A dusty golden sunrise peeking through silvery fog, with a hint of warmth in the air.

for everything there is a season


The little pond in my backyard frozen with this wintery weather.  I don’t think it’s ready for ice skating just yet (nor am I ever ready for that…kids in Belfast had to literally hold me up when we took them).  I love the greenish glow of patchy sunlight reflected on it.

Rushing out to the grocery store to get a few essentials before the weather worsened.  In the parking lot, a kind man said, “Aren’t you the preacher?”  I said yes, and he explained that he read and enjoyed my food column in the newspaper.  What a thoughtful thing to say.  Once the groceries were stowed away and I sat for a minute, I heard a strange noise outside.  The sleet had begun; I was home just in time.

Laughter-inducing texts from good friends.

hug it out

The moment in worship when the liturgist said, instead of “Please greet those around you with the peace of Christ”, “Please greet, hug, welcome, kiss each other with the peace of Christ!”  I’ve often thought the mark of a church’s love for each other is most revealed in that moment of worship.

Flinging open the windows to let in the unseasonably warm air and easing into the most decadent Sunday afternoon nap with that air on my face.

Watching my favorite movie of all time, Out of Africa, and being moved once again by its beauty and wisdom.

dancing with my shadow

Happy Saturday morning, y’all!  I have good news: all of my Divine Dining columns are now on my Wild Honey blog.  Feel free to pop over for those yummy recipes.

Okay, now on to the glimpsing grace…


A delightful afternoon walk among the painted barns of Cameron.  It was chilly and sunny, with the light that perfect golden color that happens every single day around 4:30 in the afternoon.

Enjoying catching up with an old friend.  I love that my friends and I stay close even if it’s been a while since we’ve had the time to talk.

Dreaming about dancing.

one singular sensation


An azalea-pink sunrise swathed in the mystery and magic of heavy fog.

Broadway coming to Cameron!  We invited a talented actor and musician in the community to come and perform as part of our concert series, and she was just delightful.  There’s something so hopeful and counter-cultural about a sanctuary full of people laughing in unison.

The delight of that performance must have carried over into Monday, because the Music Director and I enjoyed a day working on worship planning and office tidying with a sort of childlike joy all day.  It may have also had something to do with the Keurig coffee maker now living in my office.

never grow up

An adult man standing in a field flying a radio-controlled airplane through the sky.

A deer crossing sign that had been festively given a red nose.

Being a bit brave, and grateful that I was.

old but not forgotten


An old church in Pittsboro that was beautiful in its dereliction. I wonder who was once baptized there, or married there.

An enjoyable conversation had over equally enjoyable coffee.

Someone who went out of their way to be friendly to me. I should do the same.