resting in the light

Good morning’, y’all!

Preacher’s got a brand new blog!  Apparently after 5+ years of glimpsing grace, often using pictures, Blogger decided I had used up all of my photo quota.  So, after advice from trusted blogging buddies, WordPress it is.  I will, of course, keep the old blog as a wonderful archive of my life, but here’s where I will post regularly.  I have plenty to catch up on, but as this is a fresh blog, let’s have some new glimpses of grace, shall we?

IMG_1950Rainbow light shining through the front door onto my sermon as I read over it on Sunday morning.  Yes, that is 16 pt font, double-spaced!


An adorable, fluffy present curled up under my tree.


Spending a day off exploring Pinehurst with brunch of pecan waffles (YUM), followed by a wee dander around the lovely homes and pine trees.  It was a cold day that day, so I bundled up and enjoyed the fresh air.  I decided to explore the Village Chapel as well, and there discovered this sweet little reader.  I wonder who left the rose for her.

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